POET, ARTIST AND LOVER OF MOTHER EARTH, VIJALI HAMILTON shares heartfelt offerings of poems, drawings and personal essays reflecting peace and health for ourselves and our world. They convey moments of the soul’s longing for union with the essence of life. They speak to the joys and sorrows encountered in life’s quest for the jewel residing within each of us—always present—but waiting to be unveiled.

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Awakening to the Spiritual in the Natural World  —
Recent and Selected Poems and Artworks  (2018)

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World Wheel — One Woman’s Quest for Peace
With Artwork by the Author

Journey with artist, Vijali Hamilton, on her global pilgrimage as she sculpts environmental stone work circling the planet, and stimulates   community with her World Wheel, Global Peace through Art. This is the story of how one woman transforms a childhood of deprivation and aloneness into a love affair with the entire world. With an artist’s valuable insight, she urges us to find our own voice as she takes us to the four directions of the world, embracing the planet and its people as one family.

Praise for World Wheel:

“As we travel wlith Vijali Hamilton, we come to understand the transformative power of moral imagination and wisdom of the heart. This is where many Cultural Creatives like Vijali are headed now—directly into the core of the problems of our common world.”

     — Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, authors of The Cultural Creatives

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Of Earth & Fire

Vijali’s most recent compilation of artwork and poetry, Of Earth & Fire, is now available directly from the publisher.

“These poems and artworks, created over many years, embody and articulate my deep emotional engagement with the world, and they arise from the fundamental elements that comprise my essence as it has been continually refined in the crucible of experience.”  — Vijali Hamilton

Praise for Of Earth & Fire:

“…a beautiful, soulful collection. Vijali Hamilton is a spiritual force in the world through her art, her words and most importantly, her presence.”

— Terry Tempest Williams, author of Refuge

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Liberty — Enlightening the World

“Liberty, Enlightening the World—hymn to the Statue of Liberty, cry for survival, longing for living the interconnectedness out of the deepest, oldest, purest, implicit ideals with which this country started, and which are still rum bling in America’s basement. Now, in this age of America’s power and influence, may this prayer, inspired by India’s own ancient tantric prayers to the Goddess, augment the growing global voice of Liberty. To my joy, when doing research on the Statue of Liberty, I found that her correct and original name is Liberty Enlightening the World. Creating this book was my response to 9/11 and is my own prayer for global peace.”   — Vijali Hamilton

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